ABOUT EA-ZU Wellness

A few years ago, I went through what I like to call: My WAKE-UP call from the Universe. This wake-up call awakened my inner knowing that there was more to life than just cruising on autopilot. At that time, I was so disconnected with myself that I had no idea what my passions were or what I wanted my future to look like. I was so preoccupied with pleasing the external world that I never took the time to tap into the magic that hid dormant within. I never asked myself what kind of life I wanted to live, or how I wanted to feel. In essence, I was living a life that didn’t reflect me but the things I was told would lead to “success” and “happiness”.

This awareness made me realize that I could either continue to live disconnected or I could create change and start getting to know myself. This thought was extremely empowering yet scary, because I knew that in the process I would have to face my demons. Playing small and blaming others for my misfortunes was always easier than owning my role in the creation of my life. I was confused, I was scared, I was lost, but I was hopeful. And the desire to feel fulfilled and aligned with myself was bigger than anything else. This kick started a massive transition period in my life- a time of self-discovery and healing.

I attended countless workshops and read numerous self-help books, but I still felt hungry for more. I wanted to gain the necessary skills to purge all the mental, emotional, and spiritual gunk out of my life. This lead to my studies at Rhodes Wellness College, taking a focus on Life Coaching and Holistic Counselling. Followed by the founding of EA-ZU Wellness in 2016, and my partnerships with the YMCA, Salvation Army, and Y Not for Tots. My mission is to take part in the upgrade humanity and help people reconnect with themselves, shed limiting beliefs, and create lives that reflect THEM.